Off-Campus Guests and One-Time Ticket



場別 Venue

費別 Ticket Fees

Off-Campus Guests

Spa水療區 Spa Area

單次票 One-Time Ticket (市民卡9折、敬老票半價)

100元 / 人

雙月票 Two Month Ticket

2500元 / 60天

重量訓練室 Gym

單次票 One-Time Ticket

50元 / 人 / 1小時

雙月票 Two Month Ticket

2000元 / 60天

桌球室 Table Tennis Room

不區分票種 (每桌最多四人)

95元 / 桌 / 1小時


40元 / 支


⮚ 校外來賓持桃園市民卡SPA水療區單次票 9 折。Off-Campus Guests get 10% off with Taoyuan Citizen Card. 

⮚ 敬老票:65 歲以上或持有身心障礙手冊者。Senior/ Disabled Ticket: people who have the proof of being over 65 years old or handicap. 

⮚ 單次票:早午各時段分開計,票離場即無效。One-Time Ticket: Tickets are counted separately in each session, tickets will be invalid after leaving the venue.

⮚ 未出示證件者,請依照校外來賓購買單次全票。Without presented identical documents, please purchase One-Time Ticket as an Off-Campus Guests. 

⮚持有身心障礙手冊者與其註記陪同人依規定可出示證明文件,即可免費使用SPA、重訓室,或免費使用桌球室兩小時(僅手冊持有者陪同人一名可使用優惠)。People who have disability identification can enter SPA area or GYM for free, (one necessary accompany included). Table Tennis room only can be reserved for two hour per day.

⮚桃園市補助/社福點數可抵用敬老票,僅本人且為實際使用者,方可使用。Taoyuan city citizen get 10% off for tickets with Taoyuan Citizen Card, Seniors over 65 years old get 50% off of one-time ticket with identification for SPA area.

⮚SPA水療區公益時段以中央大學體育室公告為主,本校寒暑假取消公益時段。The opening hours of Public Welfare Session for SPA Area are mainly based on the announcement of the NCU PE Office. No Public Welfare Session during the winter/summer break of NCU.

⮚每個月最後一週五為市民日,桃園市民憑證購買重訓室第一小時10元(第二小時起恢復原價),SPA水療區單次票每時段10元。On the last Friday of each month, Citizen of Taoyuan city can purchase ticket for gym, SPA area by NT $10 with proof of citizenship(GYM: NT$10 for the first hour, the second hour will remain the original price)




NCU Staff and Students



場別 Venue 費別
Ticket Fees
NCU Staff

Spa水療區 Spa Area

單次票 One-Time Ticket 50元 / 人
雙月票 Two Month Ticket 1000元 / 60天

重量訓練室 Gym

單次票 One-Time Ticket 30元 / 人 / 1小時
雙月票 Two Month Ticket 1000元 / 60天

桌球室 Table Tennis Room

不區分票種 (每桌最多四人) 60元 / 桌 / 1小時
球拍租借 20元 / 支

⮚ 教職員工 NCU Staff: 

  1. 中大教職員工(含兼任教師本人)、教職員工之眷屬、退休人員、中大志工、中大校友。NCU staff (including part time teachers and retirees) and their families, volunteers, and alumni.
  2. 中大壢中現職教職員工及退休人員。Current staff and retired staff of CLHS.

⮚ 校內學生 NCU Students: 

  1. 在校學生(含語言中心與國際處外籍生)。Current NCU students (Including Language Center and Office of International Affairs foreign students).
  2. 中大壢中在學學生。CLHS current students.